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Anykey-WMX-35-CPE client

2013-5-6 11:24:05

Anykey-WMX series product
Overall WiMAX products series *Support 3.5GHz free frequency range
*Outdoor micro base stationFor both outdoor and indoorIn line with the international standard* In line with the standard of IEEE802.16-2004
*Based on the NP7256 Waveesat IC chip technology
Characters* The advanced network management system
*Remote promotion and management softwareAnykey-WMX-3-18-W
High quality and low cost design* Low cost design
*The constantly cost controlling can give the customers competitive products
*Three years’ warrantyParameters
RF parameters
System ability LOS/NLOS/PTM
Working frequency 3.4-3.675GHz
Channel bandwidth 3.5MHz,7MHz
Frequency resolution 249kHz
Frequency use ratio 5 bits/sec/Hz (64 -QAM unencoded)
Receiving sensitivity(BER<10-6) Burst Type 3.5MHz 7MHz
BPSK 1/2 -94.0 -91
QPSK 1/2 -91.0 -90
QFSK 3/4 -90.0 -87
16QAM 1/2 -87.0 -84
16QAM 3/4 -84.0 -81
64QAM 2/3 -80.0 -77
64QAM3/4 -78.0 -75
Modulation mode OFDM(BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM)
Duplex mode TDD
Output rate +20 dBm max (3.3-3.6GHz); +17 dBm (3.6-3. 8GHz)
Output rate range 30dB
Antenna Built-in16 or 18dBi antenna or N-type interface circumscribed antenna
Data parameters
RF standard IEEE 802. 16-2004
Data standard IEEE 802. 3 CSMA /CD
VLAN standard IEEE 802. 1Q
Network management
Network management protocol TCP/IP
Encryption protocol DES-CBC, AES-CCM
Hardware parameters
Ethernet interface 10/100BaseT ( water proof RJ45)
Power supply IEEE 802.3 (PoE) 和 Auxillary POE 
Size(Height*Width*Depth) Anykey -WMX-3-16-W 220mm x 190mm x 45mm /3kg 
Anykey -WMX-3-18-W 306mm x 306mm x 25mm /3kg 
Anykey -WMX-3-N-W 226mm x 226mm x 65mm /3kg 
Weight 13Kg
Environment parameters
Working temperature -40℃ ~ 65℃
Identification EU/Canada standard,EMC:EN301 489,Safety:EN 60950, Radio:EN 302 217, RoHS

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