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Anykey-WMX-58-pBS Micro Wave Station

2013-5-30 16:11:53

Anykey-WMX series product
Anykey-WMX-58-PBS micro base station * Support 5.8GHz free frequency range
* Outdoor micro base station for both outdoor and indoorIn line with the international standard* In line with the standard of IEEE802.16
* Based on the Waveesat IC chip technology
Characters* The advanced network management system
*Remote promotion and management software
*Autonomous QOS and real time detection and configuration
High quality and low cost design
* Simple network arrangement, small investment, easy for expansion
* Ensure the high quality application of bandwidth
* One year’s warrantyParameters
RF parameters
System ability LOS,NLOS,PTM
Working frequency 5.725-5.875GHz
Channel bandwidth 10MHz
Frequency resolution 5MHz
Receiving sensitivity -89dBm(BPSK1/2), -72dBm(64QAM2/3)
Modulation mode OFDM(BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM)
Duplex mode TDD
RF power rate +17 dBm
RF power rate range 30dB
Antenna circumscribed omnibearing antenna or directed antenna
Data parameters
RF standard IEEE 802. 16-2004
Data standard IEEE 802. 3 CSMA /CD
VLAN standard IEEE 802. 1Q
Multiple services/Multi-user support
Classification machenism ToS, Protocol, Address, Source Port, MAC Address, User Priority, VLAN ID ,VLAN Address, Mask, MAC Address, ToS type, Port, Rule Priority
QoS scheduling algoritm BE, nrtPS, rtPS, UGS
Network management Airsync network management system function,remote monitoring,management,configuration
Network management protocol TCP/IP
QoS setting Based on the regularQoS
Hardware parameters
Ethernet interface 10/100BaseT (water proof RJ45)
Power supply POE
Power consumption 15watt(Maximum)
Size(Height*width*depth) 460mm x 338mm x 165mm
Weight 13Kg
Environment parameters
Working temperature -40℃ ~ 65℃
Weather protection level IP67 weather proof
Identification EU/Canada standard, EMC:EN301 489,Safety:EN 60950, Radio:EN 302 217, RoHS

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